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Window Hinges

A comprehensive range of replacement hinges

Our range comprises window hinges suitable for UPVC, timber and composite windows in a number of configurations.

Top hung window hinges: Allow the window to swing on the horizontal; with the opening at the bottom. The handle for these is located at the bottom of the frame.

Side hung window hinges: Enable the window to swing along the vertical, with the opening at either side. The handle for these is located at the side of the frame.

Fire escape window hinges: Side hung hinges allow the window to open to 90° in order to enable people to exit out of the window in the event of a fire. They also tend to offer an 'easy clean' facility.

Easy clean window hinges: The sliding mechanism on an easy clean hinge enables you to slide the window back on itself; allowing the exterior glass to be reachable from the inside – saving you having to run the risk of leaning out of the window to get them clean.

Restricted window hinges: When fitted to a window these hinges will only allow the window to open to a gap of 10cm, reducing the risk of objects - and children - from falling out of the window. Quick release levers enable the window to be fully opened if necessary, however the default restriction re-engages when the window is shut.

Technical advice and assistance
Do feel free to contact us should you require further assistance: we are always happy to help.

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