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How to measure a door handle

In this video i'm going to show you how to correctly measure for replacement door handles The first thing you want to check is the handle centres, and is often refered to as the PZ of the door handles. This size is the most critical size for the door handles. If this size is wrong there is no way the new handles will fit. On very old doors alot of the time, getting the exact same handles is not possible as they are obsolete. In that case what i would do is get handles with the same centres and drill new screw holes in the door to suit the new handles. But you don't want to go down those lines unless there is no other choice. What you want is a straighforward replacement if possible. The centres of the door handles are measured from the centre of the handle lever to the centre of the euro cylinder. Have a quick check on the outside handle also as some door handles can be offset lever pad handles. Which means the outside handle lever is positioned lower than the inside handle. The most common size for lever pad handles is 92m / 62mm. This means the centers of the internal handle is 92mm and the centers of the external handle is 62mm. So i'm going to measure up the handles on this door. I'm going to mark the centres on this handle with the help of some masking tape. And we can see here that the size is 70mm. The most common centre sizes are 92mm, 70mm and 48mm The next thing to check is the position of the fixing screws. The most common types are what i call screw above and screw below. The screw above handle has the screw located at the top of the handle above the handle lever. This type is also refered to as long back plate. The screw below handles has the screw located below the handle lever and is also refered to as short back plate. So the next size to check is the distance from the centre of each screw. Again i'm going to mark the centres on the handle with the help of some masking tape. So the distance is 200mm. Next measure from the centre of the top screw to the centre of the handle lever. And thats is xxmm next measure from the centre of the bottom screw to the centre of the euro cylinder and that is xxmm. Some handles might have an extra screw in the centre. If your handles have an extra screw in the centre. Measure from the centre of the middle screw to the top screw, and to the bottom. Next measure the overall length of the handles. Bear in mind some models of door handles have been updated by the manufactuerer, and i can think of this example where all the other sizes are the same but the shape at the top and bottom of the handle has changed to circular over a square shape. This changes the overal length of the handles slightly and this throws people off. So just bear in mind the overall length isn't crucial. Back to this handle they are measuring 230mm. And the last thing to measure is the width, which in this case is 32mm And that is all the information you need to select the correct door handles to suit your door. So you can go on to the website, select door handles and see the range we stock. So lets start looking (the most important size is the handle centres and this is how handles will be catagoriesed everywhere. So i'm looking for 70mm centre handles, so what do we have here, no, no ohh shiney, here we are hoppe frankfurt 70mm handles. Lets click in here and check our sizes. 70Mm centers yes, 200mm between screws yes, 70mm betwen top screw and lever, 60 betwwen bottom screw and cylinder. 230Mm overall and 32m wide. So we have a perfect match. Now wasn't that easy. That's all from me, please give the video a like and hit the subscribe button. Thanks for watching.