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Wedge Gasket

Replacement gasket for doors and windows

Gaskets come in a range of sizes and cross sections and it can vary depending on the make-up of your door – UPVC, composite or timber – as to which is the most appropriate solution to meet your needs.

Degraded seals = draughty windows and doors
Over time the rubber seals on windows and doors compress.  Where it is the perfect solution in the first instance given its flexibility (the give means that it will form a tight seal with the window to keep the wind out) the constant pressure means that – inevitably – the seal will lose its give and become flattened.  This means that wind can start to get through, leading to cold drafts round the frames of your windows and doors.

Choosing the right window seal/gasket
An easy solution is to request our gasket trial pack which comes complete with samples of each size and design that we offer.

Technical advice and special orders
If there is something specific you are looking for, please contact us. We may not have it on our shelves but we can often source products quickly and for a reasonable price.

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