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What are Anti-Snap locks?

You may have heard the term 'Anti-Snap' locks when talking about home security but always wondered what it meant. In this article we are going to explain exactly what they are and why they are important.

What is lock snapping?

Firstly, you may even be wondering what lock snapping is. Lock snapping is a method used by burglars to gain entry to your home, garage, outbuilding etc. This method requires no specialist tools or knowledge and can be completed in as little as 5 seconds by applying force to the cylinder, removing the outer part which exposes the inner mechanism meaning this can be manipulated and entry gained. You may think well I have a multi point lock so that doesn't matter as that will keep the door locked, incorrect. A multi-point lock is an additional security feature that is locked in position by the cylinder so if that is compromised so are the additional locking points.

What are 'Anti-Snap' locks?

Anti-Snap locks are high security euro cylinders that are designed and tested to prevent against lock snapping. Designed with a sacrificial snap line so when force is applied the lock snaps in two at the pre-determined weak point but the mechanism inside that keeps your door locked is protected meaning that your door remains locked and unwanted entry can not be gained.


What standard/certification should I fit?

There are a number of different certifications out there when it comes to grading cylinders,


  • Sold Secure Diamond (SS312) this is the one most recommended by ourselves, fellow professionals and the Police this ensures that the cylinder has been tested against all known methods used by burglars. The Ultion cylinder we sell and recommend has this accreditation.
  • TS007 3 star kitemark, the TS007 is the British Standard Institution Kitemark for the security rating of door hardware and cylinders. The system has star ratings with 1 been the lowest and 3 been the highest. Again the Ultion cylinder has TS007 3 star kitemark.

These accreditation are also often displayed on the face of a cylinder (as shown in the picture) and are known to burglars meaning that they can be seen as a deterrent.


What do we recommend?

Here at UPVC Maintenance Supplies we only sell one SS312 TS007 3* cylinder as we don't believe in over complicating the matter. We sell what we firmly believe to be the best high security euro cylinder on the market, the Ultion euro cylinder. The Ultion comes complete with all the above accreditation as well as the following additional features

  • Police approved - Secured by Design
  • £1000 money back guarantee should it break (this demonstrates the confidence that is in the cylinders performance)
  • 3* plus accreditation
  • 1 million testing cycles as opposed to the standard 100,000 on other 3* cylinders
  • The core of the cylinder is made from Molybdenum which is 25% denser than iron.
  • Double lockdown mode engaged when the lock detects it's under attack.
  • 60% thicker key - helps prevent keys been snapped and bent
  • keys can only be cut at authorised Ultion key cutting centres (such as ourselves) and require a key code that needs to be authorised by the key owner before additional keys can be cut.
  • Can be keyed alike meaning all the external doors in your house that have Ultion cylinders fitted can have the same key, even padlocks.
  • Comes as a thumb turn option will all the same security features
  • Can be used with the Ultion smart handle
  • Protects against break ins using a blow torch. The picture to the left shows the cylinder still in tact after it was under attack from a blow torch in an attempt to gain entry.

More information about the Ultion cylinder can be viewed here.

Can I fit my own cylinder?

The simple answer is yes, you will need to take a few measurements of your existing cylinder though before ordering your replacement. To make this easier for you we have produced a how to guide and an installation video. To order yours today call 0113 2360800.







To order yours today or to speak with a technical adviser please call 0113 2360800

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