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Product showcase – door lockcases

Many modern doors – whether timber, composite or UPVC in construction – make use of multipoint locking mechanisms.  This means that when the key is turned multiple locking points are thrown into the frame as an increased security mechanism.  If you have a timber door with a traditional mortice lock, it’s not a complex job to install a multipoint lock if you take your time.  If you need some extra guidance on this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Quite often, if your multipoint door lock starts to fail, it’s the lockcase itself that is responsible.  Whilst we sell the full multipoint door locks, we also sell replacement lockcases and in many instances this is the only piece that will need changing.

The trickiest part is identifying the lockcase you need.  Your starting point should be the manufacturer, and you will usually find this stamped at some point on the metal strip of the full lock.  From that point there are various options to identify – what mechanisms are used, and how many are there, length, width depth… hopefully our guides on how to measure a lock gearbox and how to identify locking mechanisms will point you in the right direction, however please ring us or email us should you be at all unsure.

We cover a comprehensive range of manufacturers and we would always recommend replacing your lockcase like for like.  There may however be some instances in which the lock is obsolete and in these instances your option is to replace the entire strip.  In these cases we can also provide guidance on how to measure a multipoint door lock in order to ensure you narrow your selection to the best possible match.

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